Points to Consider When Hiring Social Media Consulting Services

Today, every business is concerned about increasing its online presence. Using social media consulting services is simply the ideal way to get the best out of this new revolution. As per reports more than 70% of online marketers are going to increase their social media marketing budget. When hiring social media consultants you have to consider a few things that can help you land an ideal consulting company.The first thing you must inquire a media consulting company is that whether they had any Profit & Loss responsibility in the past. A consultant having this responsibility will have the experience to create the social networks strategy for your business. Social media is not just about marketing. Over a period of time, it is going to have an impact over on all the aspects of your organization. You have to find out whether the consultant has an ROI mindset or not.If the media consulting company you hire understands social media only from an academic perspective you cannot be sure if they are going to deliver the results you are going to pay for. The same is true if they have not created strategies for a wide range of businesses.The next thing you need to ensure about social media consulting is so find whether social media is their main business or not. Today, almost everyone including web designing, SEO and online marketing companies are offering such services. If social media is not their core business, how can you ensure that they would give your company the first priority even when they have to cater to their core business services? You also need to be assured if they have the right media expertise or not.The next thing to consider while hiring social media consulting services is to ensure that they must explain what they would be doing in a lucid and rational way. They must tell you clearly what they are going to do for what you are paying them. They should not be selling you something that you can’t understand or manage if required. If they are keeping you in the dark, then you know what to do.When, hiring a consulting service for this purpose, you can ask them several questions to get information on the above-mentioned points. It is only when you are assured that they have the expertise and that they are assured about the ROI should you move ahead with the process.

What Is Google Places? Free Business Advertising From Google

Google Places is a free service from Google that lets you list useful information about your business for potential customers to see. When your business displays on Google Maps eager customers can click your phone number or find out more about your business immediately. Some people refer to this as Google Maps for business.This free business service has become the go-to source for web savvy searchers looking for local businesses. Traditionally, businesses purchased advertising space in newspapers and magazines or television and radio spots to promote themselves to local customers.The Internet has become ingrained into our lives and is the source for most information. If someone wants to find a plumber for their pipe that just burst, they simply hop online. When they want to know the best local restaurant for Thai food or what hardware store carries Craftsman tools, they go to Google.Google makes this possible by serving up results based on the user’s location. So if a person is in Ann Arbor, Michigan and types in “find a lawyer”, Google Places will show Ann Arbor lawyers in the results.Google Places works really well on mobile phones too. With apps for Android and iPhones your mobile phone becomes the in your pocket yellow pages wherever you are. To get you more customers, it conveniently will show your business on a map with a link to your customized Places page, and provides your “click to call” phone number so they can call you immediately with their phone. This is great for the person looking for exactly what you have to offer who is actually in your neighborhood wanting to buy now.Who uses Google Places? According to Google.com, 97 percent of consumers look for local business information online. They want to know everything, from menus and locations to hours and more. The web has many sites dedicated to providing information about businesses, but Google Places is designed to allow not only for customers to post reviews and ratings, but for business owners to add pictures and other details to make it a comprehensive experience for customers seeking information.Millions of businesses have already taken advantage of Google Places, and millions more are poised to follow. They have made the application an integral part of their marketing and advertising campaigns.It’s a fact that 50 percent of new businesses fail in the first year. Don’t let your dream of finally owning your own business fall to the wayside because you didn’t join the 21st century and utilize the many free resources of Google, the number 1 search engine in the world, where better go to find services and products. The small investment of time to create and use this free Google service can translate to increased business and revenue within a short time.Utilizing This Free Google ServiceUtilizing Google Maps for Business is as easy as filling out a form. You just add all your business’s information, up to 10 pictures and a few videos. You’ll need a free Google Gmail account to get started. Since Google has pre-formatted the sites you don’t need to worry about any coding. It is all handled by Google. The key is to put the very best information that you want your customers to know about your business into your Google Places page.Your Places Page Is VERY Important!Many businesses don’t understand the importance of this service and let their Places Page sit and collect dust or worse yet, never even claim their free Places Page from Google. By taking action, you can increase your customer base and increase web traffic.You can stand out in the crowd of competition when your Google Business Places page is fully functioning and your customers are interacting with you online. There’s no need to massively increase your advertising budget or spend hundreds, or even thousands, on a state-of-the-art website and development team. By getting the most out of your free Google Places page you will drive in new customers.

Factors That Make an Ideal Online Fax Service

Online fax services are another form of “cloud computing” that has become one of the hottest trends in a lot of big and small scale companies. This is mainly for the reason that an online fax service can save a lot in terms of space, hardware and consumables like inks, toners and fax papers. This new and modern way of sending and receiving fax messages is a lot cheaper, especially if you have a new company and wants to have a very minimal start up costs. You do not have to pay for monthly bills incurred with your secondary phone line which is used exclusively for your fax. Throw in a couple of extras like online faxing allows more mobility and you’re sure to trash the conventional way of faxing documents. Online fax is compatible with any portable devices like cell phones, PDAs, netbooks or laptops and they can serve as your virtual fax machines as long as they have email and internet capabilities.Online fax can also make your business available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the whole 365 days of the year. Once you have your dedicated fax numbers, your clients will no longer hear busy fax signals therefore making your business more heuristic, thus more appealing. If your business relies heavily on fax to drive up sales or to sign up new clients, then online fax is probably the only way to go. It provides the best business sense.A word of caution though: web-based fax requires that you sign up with an online fax service provider who will then require you to engage in a long-tern business service or arrangement. You then need to be extremely wary when you choose an online fax service provider. You’ll never know but the integrity and prosperity of your business can be the one at risk if you do not choose wisely.So to help you choose the perfect online fax service provider, here are some things that you need to consider:1. Reliability is always the first consideration. You need to choose an online fax service provider that can “provide” you with a functional service all year round, all around the clock. It must enable you to deliver all your faxes successfully, as well as receive them. Check out any surveys, read consumer reviews and check out discussion boards if you want to be sure with your online service provider.2. Check out all the costs that will be associated with your online fax service. You need to guarantee that there are no hidden fees that can be detrimental to your company’s monthly budget. Also make sure that you understand how you will be billed so you will not be shocked when your first statement arrives.3. Determine how your fax messages will be sent or received. There are several methods to send and receive online faxes so you need to choose one that best suits your vibe. You also need to check the different file formats supported by your company and if you will need additional software to send and receive web-based fax messages.